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10 New Songs We’ve Added to Our Playlist (Quick Notes Edition)

All songs added to Spotify playlist Indie Music - Recent Finds (OMI Playlist).

Our constantly updated playlist of indie music from the past 6 weeks.

This week’s Hot Song:

I Need You – Olivia De Melo

Pursuing a music career can be a juggling act. This is a charming tune from an artist that teaches special needs kids during the day and creates music during her evenings and weekends. Her backstory is as lovely as her music.

Why We Added the Song: De Melo’s voice and the cello.

All the other great tunes we added:

cool guy – girlhouse

Laid back pop song from girlhouse. Love the cynical lyrics. This is one of those songs you unconsciously find yourself singing at the strangest times. This is Lauren Luiz’s (of WILD) new project.

Why We Added the Song: kind of love songs about assholes.

I Think I Hate It Here – Boyish

Love the production on this. It’s the whole love/hate thing. The beat is right on the mark. This is from Berklee College of Music artists India Shore and Claire Altendahl.

Why We Added the Song: the vocals, slightly distorted with mild reverb, and the driving beat.

Rock Bottom – Kevin Morby

This is a fun little bop. Don’t overthink it. Just enjoy the music. Kevin’s heading into his second decade of releasing really cool tunes.

Why We Added the Song: because its fun (they even dropped in laughter in the middle of the track).

Crutch – My Idea

Love the Eighties pop open with the breathy vocals. It’s only two minutes long but quite catchy. My Idea is a new project for NYC creatives Lily Konigsberg and Nate Amos.

Why We Added the Song: Oh it’s definitely the Eighties music vibe blended with current indie vocals.

Million Dollar Bills – Jukebox The Ghost

There’s nothing quite like the theater pop of Jukebox the Ghost. If you haven’t been introduced let this song can be your gateway.

Why We Added the Song: It’s the theatrical style vocal gymnastics.

Bad Brain Daze – Oceanator

Readers should know by now that I can’t get through 10 news adds without picking up a pop-punk tune. This one from Oceanator, a project of Brooklyn’s Elise Okusami, checks all the boxes and throws in a sax solo! Roll down the windows, turn up the volume, and enjoy the rocking sounds.

Why We Added the Song: the guitars – distorted and compressed. The keyboards (horns?) whir backing of the guitars. The sax. The breaks are clean.

The Mountain and Me – Hattie Briggs

Beautiful song that softly showcases London based singer/songwriter Hattie’s voice and range. The lyrics are challenging but hint of the pains and gains of an aging love. Don’t skip over this gem.

Why We Added the Song: The part where Hattie sings “Now, I know” at the 1:05 mark.

Top Down – Georgia Harmer

Love the love love love the vocals. This song has such a cool late Nineties singer/songwriter feel. From a Toronto based artist with a rich musical heritage.

Why We Added the Song: Because this takes us back to Sixpense None The Richer.

There’s So Many People That Want to Be Loved – Sorry

North London based band Sorry has a quirky winner here. Asha Lorenz playful stylings takes you through a song that musically get bigger as it progresses.

Why We Added the Song: Sparse and offbeat to open. Builds into a menagerie of sound. What is there not to like here?


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