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6 Songs We Added to Our Playlist This Week

Check out our playlist that tracks the best new indie music over the last 6 weeks. New Indie Music

Come Apart by Fazerdaze

Pop, punk, distortion, and such bitchin’ vocals. Fazerdaze is the creation of New Zealand artist Amelia Murray. The sound manages to be both chill and edgy. Great tune that you won’t be able to get out of your head.

So Typically Now by U.S. Girls

Savvy pop that always feels like it's teetering somewhere between a night dancing at the club and a head-bobbing tune best enjoyed while cruising behind the wheel. As with many U.S. Girls’ songs, there is high production value here and of course such a catchy tune.

Horses by Maggie Rogers

This artist continues her evolution and reinvention. This wistful-mournful tune just grabs ahold of your heart. Roger’s desperate longing vocals really make this work. Love the lyrics, “I believe in you. But the truth about dreams is they're a feeling that meets you in between what you want and what you really need.”

Message (Better Days) by PawPaw Rod

Cool laid-back vibe. This is musically a song that feels uplifting juxtaposed by lyrics about the daily grind, doubt, and struggle of an artist. I love songs that have lyrics and music pulling at you from opposite directions. I’ll be sharing this with my artist friends. It’s summertime and this is a drive with the top-down song. Get this on your playlist.

(Remember Me) I’m the One Who Loves You by Watkins Family Hour

A little bit old-time country music radio and a little bit honkytonk, “Remember Me” is such a fun tune. The fiddle and slide-guitar solos are classic and perfect for a country two-step. I’m a sucker for songs that are so well crafted and take me back to vinyl spinning on my grandparent’s turntable.


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