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Artist I’ve Added to My Playlist This Week

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

Like many folks, I keep several playlists. My favorite list is my “Indie – New” playlist. This is where I audition songs and artists. I should be clear that not all songs or artists are new. Sometimes I trip on something you may have discovered years ago. I find new tunes on Spotify Discover Weekly and Release Radar. I also faithful listen to recommendations that find my inbox from Paste Magazine. Then there are recommendations from family and friends.

This last week I added the Bakar's "The Mission,"

Lumineers’s “A.M. Radio” and an acoustic release of Amos Lee’s “Worry No More.” Both are brilliant songs to kick back with a drink and chill. I also added Clean Cut Kid’s “Woman” and beabadoobee’s “Coffee.”

The artists I’m giving me a chance to win me over are Grady Strange, Me Like Bees, Michigander, and Del Water Gap. I added a few songs for each. I’ll keep them on the playlist for 90 days before moving the songs to a permanent playlist or deleting the songs. This works well for me because some songs grow on me after several listens.

Songs that made it off the “new” playlist and to a permanent playlist this week include WILD’s “Keeps Me Coming Back” and “Keeps Me Coming Back.” Also moving to a permanent list was Big Thief’s “Certainty,” Bel’s “Drive, Keelan Donovan’s “This Is Our Story,” and Mathien’s “Say.”

A quick word about Keleen Donovan. Keelan is a songwriter for Big Yellow Dog Music, one of Nashville’s best songwriting houses. He’s a great guy and I’ve been following him since we met four years ago at one of his gigs. This song is the best thing I’ve heard from him. Give this a listen. It’s such a fun bop! I hope it’s a big hit for him.

That’s my quick update.

Have a great turkey day!


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