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Bands I Count On: 3 New Releases from Drugdealer, Caamp, & The Avenues

We all have a finite list of bands that we feel certain that any song they release we will like. They may not all be hits, but there is such a connection with the band’s music that you get excited when you see they have something new. Recently 3 bands from my finite yet unspecified list of bands I can count on released new songs. These are the songs that got me excited during my summer break from blogging:

The Otter - Caamp

Maybe it’s the catchy hooks, or the banjo, or most likely Taylor Meier’s vocals. But Caamp songs make such an impression on me. This song is such a pleasure. I’m hooked. I’ve already texted it to family. The lyrics are clever. “I am floating in deep water. Like the unfamiliar otter In love with someone's daughter.” And, of course, like most good folks songs, it’s a knee slapper.

Every Morning - The Avenues

If you read the blog, you know this is the band that made me decide to start writing about indie music. The English band is early in their career rise, but I’m all in with every new release. “Every Morning” gets my head thinking about a breakthrough. Could this song be a sync opportunity for the band in some action-packed film from England? The production, driving guitar, and vocals create that wave of sound that I love in post-punk bands that are a little more commercial rock than punk. This song such a great ride.

Madison – Drugdealer

My favorite song from my summer break. I can’t escape the Donald Fagan/Steely Dan vibe. On the other hand, it’s absolutely Drugdealer smart and smooth. Get this tune on your playlist. Close your eyes and chill. I’m really hoping this single is signaling an upcoming album.


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