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Best Live Shows of the Last 12 Months

These are the best live shows I've seen over the last 12 months and two sentences on why you should see this band.

1. Oh He Dead - The show is brash, charming, rocking, and so cool. Then there is that CJ Johnson rasp!

2. Trample by Turtles - 90 minutes of jamming! You have to experience this indoors and feel the rumble.

3. Mt. Joy – this band loves to rock out live. Keyboardist Jackie Miclau is insane live!

4. Weezer – old favorite making great new music. You can feel that they are having a blast.

5. COIN – a great blend of youthful pop and rock. These guys are all about the big moments in every song (visually over the top).

6. Nathaniel Ratliff and the Night Sweats – Concerts with horn sections are the best. Nathaniel dances like your dad (you’ll love this).

7. Alanis Morsette – Iconic songs. Alanis paces like a rapper throwing down lyrics that everyone in the place knows by heart.

8. Yola - stunning royalty. The smooth beauty of Yola delivering a song will stay with you always.

9. Old Crow Medicine Show – this is such a spot-on energetic show. These guys are absolute live performance legends.

10. Orville Peck – That voice. Oh did I mention that voice!


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