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Christmas & Pop/Punk

Updated: Dec 18, 2021

OMFG it’s the night we decorate the Christmas tree, and I don’t want to listen to any more Christmas songs! So, I turn to my Spotify Pop/Punk playlist. The first song was by the Tokyo Police Club and used the f#ck word more than any other song than the opening song from the South Park Movie (not sure why I like that). Then the tide of not-Christmas UV-TV, Tennis Courts, The Avenues, The Wombats, Origami Angels, and Mal Blum songs buried all of us in head-bopping happiness. I can’t say this enough. Find a genre that makes you happy and don’t apologize because it’s not super-emo or important. There is no replacement for joy. And on this night decorating the tree there was nothing better than The Regrettes, Remo Doctor, Pom Poko, Ducks LTD, and Cowboy Boy.


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