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Dane’s Corner: Single Review - Your Love by Squirrel Flower

Ella Williams, who records under the name Squirrel Flower is back with a new single, “Your Love.” The song was originally hastily recorded on Williams’s 2022 Planet EP. This single has been updated with a traditional folk-rock band and a slightly altered name (it was originally called ‘your love is a disaster’). Add in production value and cleaner vocals Williams has radio/stream-ready new single release for 2023.

The song tells of a lover starved for affection from someone who may be incapable of giving it. It’s hard to know whether this story has a resolution but with lyrics like “Your love is a disaster. It frightens me so bad. But I’ll keep looking straight. Blinder up. Yeah, I’ve got it made” doesn’t sound like this love tale has a storybook ending. Williams’s vocal style moves from familiar to desperate as she recounts the story of her dying relationship.

Comparing the new single to the demo versions released on Plant EP, it sounds like a completely different song. If you’re looking for more sad-girl content to consume, but need some country spice mixed in. This is the song for you.

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