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EP Review: The Beautiful Nothing by the Vistas

I absolutely love everything from Scotland’s indie-rockers the Vistas. Their new EP, The Beautiful Nothing, is no exception. They continue to build their sound and create incredibly catchy rock-pop. One thing that has remained constant since the band’s formation in 2016 is lead singer Prentice Robertson’s vocals. From the early 2016 singles, “Sign Language” and Medicine”, with a much sparser musical production to the incredibly rich mix and arrangement of this EP’s lead track, “One More Night With No One”, it’s been Robertson’s vocals that set the bands sound apart from other indie-rockers. The thing I love about this album is that the production is good and the band’s sound is better than ever.

The opening track, “One More Night With No One”, opens with vast harmonized vocals that set the tone for the song and in a bold move to start the EP big. In my opinion, this is the band’s biggest production to date, and it really works. The second track,” My Head Feels Strange”, is the EP’s catchiest tune. The song opens with guitar and bass driving chords that really accentuate just how great the work of guitarist Dylan Rush and bassist Jamie Law is on this album. The brilliant part about the opening is how the music subsides and opens up a space for Robertson’s vocals. The lyrics are catchy and deal with the inner dialogues of self-doubt, self-judgment, anxiety, and exhaustion.

The title track, “The Beautiful Nothing”, lyrically hits on the EP’s theme. Ultimately, these moments of self-judgment are about longing for a place of belonging. The lyrics from “Follow You Down”, “I'd let you break my spine. Just need your hand in mine, mine” exemplify just what lengths we could go to for that sense of connection and belonging.

This is a terrific EP. It’s well-written and well-produced. Add to that the vocals of Prentice Robertson and you have a real winner here.

Songs for your playlist: “One More Night With No One”, “My Head Feels Strange”, “The Beautiful Nothing.”


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