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Erykah Badu – Baduizm Special Edition

Erykah Badu has quietly released a Special Edition of Baduizm across all platforms. The album is a fantastic reminder of just how cool Erykah Badu’s music was when it hit the scene in 1997. The genre-bending album pushed Badu’s take on soulful jazz into the mainstream. The album raced to the top of American and UK charts.

The brilliant thing about the album is that the songs still feel fresh. I think that’s because so few artists were able to step into the space she helped to create. Des'ree, a Badu predecessor, Lauren Hill, and perhaps D’Angelo were among the few that could pull together all the elements of cool, seduction, and social consciousness that Badu seemed to effortless convey.

This is a great album to put on and chill. Just let it flow over you. Something good will sink in.


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