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Favorite Albums of June 2022

The Old Man was traveling quite a bit In June so I did a lot of listening while riding in trains, planes, and automobiles. These were the two albums that kept pulling me back in:

Teeth Marks – S.G. Goodman

S.G. Goodman has a bright melancholy in her music that draws you in. It’s the type of enigma that seeps from her music and storytelling. You can feel the sadness, but the music and her voice lift you. The themes feel universal (relationships, drugs, work, faith, and a touch of existential dread), but the details are personal and reflect the growing roar of once marginalized singer/songwriters. This is an Americana album, but it has Sixties rock and even psychedelic undertones. Goodman’s voice is a one-of-a-kind treat. If you want to start slow, I particularly like the songs “All My Love Is Coming Back To Me” and “If You Were Someone I Loved.” But I suggest you take in the entire album with your eyes closed.

Revivals - Judah & the Lion

No surprises here. Just another upbeat album from Nashville duo Judah & the Lion. So, let’s sing along and enjoy the immaculate vibes. All the familiar elements are there, a little stomp, a little holler, a touch of banjo, and a willingness to rock out. This really stands out on “Take a Walk,” “scream!,” and “Find Another Reason Why.” This is a tough genre master, but the band makes this feel effortless.

These are songs you’ll love to listen to while driving. “Blue Eyes” is a lovely song tucked in the middle of the album for fans who like to find such gems in their favorite band’s album. Finally, check out the cover of Fleetwood Mac’s “Landslide.” I really like how they kept the reigns tight on this one.

Other June Albums You Should Give A Listen:

S.I.D.E.S. – Alice Merton

Summer Nights – Hazel English

GUV IV - Young Guv

Dripfield – Goose

Farm to Table – Bartees Strange


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