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Favorite Alt-Country & Acoustic Songs of 2022 (So Far)

We all have musical genres that we love but spend less time with. I like jazz from greats like Davis, Mingus, Hancock, and Getz. But I must be in the mood. The same is true for Alt-Country and singer/songwriter acoustic tunes. I don’t collect as much of this music as I do indie-rock, old-school R&B, and indie-folk. But I do try to keep up. Below are a few sentences for each of the 10 new songs from 2022 that I think you should be streaming.


Poor Boy – Jamie McDell

I’m enchanted with Jamie McDell’s sound and lyrics. This New Zealand singer/songwriter has beautifully triangulated a sound somewhere between country, folk, and pop. Use this song as a gateway to a terrifically well-written and produced album.

What I Know Now – Valenzuela

Stephen Valenzuela has a voice that is made for storytelling. The tale behind this tune is as good as this song’s feel-good vibes. Don’t overlook this tune.

Come On Baby Cry – Orville Peck

Vocally this may be the best song in any genre I’ve heard this year. The things this man does with his voice are amazing. This is a throwback country tune sung the way only a mega-crossover star like Roy Orbison could manage.

True North – Caroline Spence

Such a short, sweet song with a lovely message. Spence has a subtle way of delivering impactful music.

(Remember Me) I’m the One Who Loves You – Watkins Family Hour

This is an old-time gather the family around the AM radio country music band. This is a nostalgic honkey-tonk swing done just right.


The One That Got Away – Homeschool, Annie Blackman

I’m such a sap for Homeschool lyrics. I also adore charming duets. Tom D’Agustino and Annie Blackman blend their voices beautifully and this nostalgic tune strikes the perfect chord.

Fall in Love with A Girl – Cavetown, Orla Gartland

I’ll like this more than the Cavetown/beabadoobee production. Robin Daniel Skinner and Orla Gartland deliver such emotion with such sparse sound. Skinner is a DIY bedroom pop artist from England that has recently signed with a major label.

Worry – Roses & Revolutions

The vocals and arrangement of a Roses & Revolutions are pure bliss. Alyssa Cocoand and Matt Merritt are the artists that comprise Roses and Revolution. This breathy dreamy tune gets better with each listen.

Don’t Grow Up Too Fast – grentperez

Soft smooth vocals. A song about someone you love moving onto the next step in their lives and the hope that you’ll remain close. It is a wonderful selection for the emerging grentperez.

Lousy T-Shirt – OSKA

The soft warm creaky voice of OSKA. She has the gift of delivering a stripped-down song that feels like pop. This is a song hidden beneath a half-dozen more popular tunes from OSKA’s My world, My love, Paris album. Some might question whether this is a purely acoustic tune. You should give it a listen and decide for yourself.

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