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Indie-Pop 2022: 5 Artists You Should Be Listening To

I’ll be honest. I don’t really know what constitutes “pop” music. For me, it’s just a feeling. But I do think you should listen to these bands. That’s what this blog is about, introducing our readers and Insta-followers to new music. So, here are five indie “pop” bands you should be listening to.

Liss – The band hails from Denmark. It’s crazy but these guys feel like a power pop/pub-rock singer/singer (think Elvis Costello, Nick owe etc.…) and boy band fusion. My favorite 2022 tune is “Nobody Really Cares.” It’s a sweet addiction.

Hazel English – this Australian-born artist embraces the genre of dream pop. I love her voice and the arrangements are excellent. I’m partial to her recent release “Nine Stories.” The production is so smooth and yes, dreamy.

Slothrust (pronounced sloth-rust) – this Boston band may be a little more indie-rock, but there are some pop sensibilities here. Leah Wellbaum’s vocals dance between seventies radio pop, Broadway, and an indie-rock sound most associated with Florence Welch. Love this band.

young friend – Vancouver artist Drew Tarves is young friend. This is the most “pop” of all these bands. Just when I thought this was just a fun pop indulgence, Tarves comes out with the nostalgic “WHEN WE WERE KIDS.” One of my favorite indie-pop songs of 2022.

Georgia Harmer –Georgia is a young Canadian with such a memorable voice. So far, she has only released one album, but it’s worth the listen. My favorite tune is “Top Down.” Man do I get Six-Pence None The Richer vibes listening to this song.


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