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January 2022 – 3 New Albums to Check Out

Are We Gonna Be Alright? – Fickle Friends

Thank you, Brighton! Fickle Friends may have put together January’s most fun album. The production is so 80s and most songs are danceable. Natassja Shiner’s voice anchor’s the band’s sound in today’s indie music. The blend between old and new works really well. Check out great bops “Pretty Great”, “Love You to Death,” and “Yeah, Yeah, Yeah.” Also, don’t miss the final track. The song “Are We Gonna Be Alright?” is a reflective solemn tune that is a lovely take on today’s sad girl music.

Three Dimensions Deep – Amber Mark

New York-based artist Amber Mark has produced a very diverse 17 track album. I want to be clear. Mark is a wonderful singer/songwriter, but she is also all in on production. This album has little hip-hop, a little soul, a touch of Latin beats, a dash of pop, and a very evident international flavor throughout. This is a genre-blurring album. You’ll fall in love with Mark’s deep voice. Tracks to give special attention to are “What It Is,” “Softly,” and “Foreign Things.” The tune I really connected with was “Healing Hurts.” Spend a little extra time with the lyrics. This album is very much about a personal journey.

World I Understand – The Sherlocks

It is so nice to hear a rock band. Most readers know I’m a huge post-punk rock fan. The British indie-rock scene is heavy on post-punk/pop-punk bands. It’s bands like The Sherlocks that remind us that commercial indie-rock is pretty cool. The three tracks to check out are “Falling,” “City Lights,” and “World I Understand.” The 60s inspired “Games You Play” is a little gem tucked into this album. Don’t miss this track. Overall, the production is so good it’s easy to take Keiran’s voice for granted. His work feels effortless.


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