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Love The Regrettes! But Now That They Have Gone Pop, Who Can Fill That Post/Pop-Punk Void?

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

I was introduced to The Regrettes by my daughter. It has long been our goal to catch the band in concert. We just never seem to be in town when they roll through Dallas. We loved the smart, cheeky, pop-punk style of the band. I love that they clearly know their stuff and sneak in elements that pay homage to bands like the Ramones. But now The Regrettes have gone pop with their new album and image. Let’s be clear Further Joy is a great album and we WILL find a way to see this band together. But I need some pop/post-punk bands to fill the hole left behind by The Regrettes. Here are a few bands that I think can fill the void.


Queens, New York based band UV-TV has the unique ability to channels the Go-Go’s in songs like “Back to Nowhere” with clean crisp surf riffs then go totally distorted Paramore on songs like “Distant Lullaby.” Maybe it’s too much to be asking for a new album since the band delivered a gem, Always Something, in 2021. But this is a really good band and they make really bitchin’ music. Besides, I need my fix and I could use it now.


Eades, a Leeds, UK band, has a new album and its serious fun. The title track “Delusion Spree” and “Reno” are tracks I already have is major rotation. Some singles I dig are “Saying Forever,” “I Want More” and “Former Warnings Cluster.” What I find interesting about Eades is the guitar playing. The songs may be mostly pop-punk, but the guitar riffs can be from a variety of styles and genres. Just when you think you know what the song is a few guitar riffs will challenge your assumptions. I’m excited to see what this band does in the future.

Linda Lindas

This may be the most serious contender to fill the void. Linda Lindas hail from Los Angeles and who better to replace an LA post-punk band than another LA post-punk band. The band’s new album has all the elements. It’s a bit of chaos, a touch of noise, and a lot of fun. The tracks “Oh” and “Growing Up” are ear worms. “Growing Up’ could easily be a song deeply embedded in a show like Phineas and Ferb or Jimmy Neutron (hey don’t knock the analogy – Bowling For Soup and the Ramones have made a pretty penny placing pop-punk tunes with these shows). Add these bops to your playlist. They will energize your day.


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