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My 3 Favorite Laid-Back Tunes of 2021

Like most folks, I have times when I like to kick back and enjoy some mellow tunes. These were my favorite 2021 mellow tunes.

The Brother Brothers – On the Road Again

The title says Willie Nelson, but the voices say Simon and Garfunkel. Throw in the fact that these guys are twins and what a great story and great song. Adam and David Moss have written a lovely song that is both original and reminiscence of songs that came before. The lyrics wax Kerouac more than Willie, the harmonies are beautiful, and the playful keyboard blends into a soothing elixir. Turn this tune on, close your eyes, and take it in.

The Accidentals – Might as Well Be Gold

Often when I think of mellow songs, I think of relationship songs. This song takes me back to the Elton John/Bernie Taupin hit “Your Song.” The theme of making something special in a relationship with little economics means isn’t new. But the bridge cleverly reminds us that there are people, in this case, a spouse’s sister, that won’t necessarily see the good in the daily struggles and the simple things. Sav Buist’s vocals are calming yet emotional. I’ve been following The Accidentals for years. This song has slowly become my favorite from Michigan trio.

Katy Kirby – Traffic

Katy Kirby, Texas-born and Nashville-educated, has produced an album, “Cool Dry Place,” that many indie mags and sites have listed as one of the best in 2021. My favorite cut from the album is “Traffic.” This mellow tune oddly has a fuzzy-crunch electric guitar in it, some auto-tuning, and Katy showing off some gorgeous vocal gymnastics. The upbeat tune is somewhat misleading in that the lyrics are quite serious. But like many songs we consider fun the artist’s talent and the bounce in the melody make it an enjoyable ride.


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