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New EP from Waxahatchee - El Deafo

Waxahatchee’s new EP is a soundtrack for Apple TV’s new original series El Deafo. The show is based on the graphic novel by Cece Bell and follows the struggle and triumphs of a girl who recently lost her hearing. The EP is basically two songs with some fillers and it’s a rather pleasant surprise.

The songs “Up in the Sky” and “Tomorrow” are great tunes (not kiddish at all). This music rolls forward in an unapologetic pop vibe (especially “Tomorrow”). This is so different from her breakthrough album “Saint Cloud” which features so many quirky rifts, voice cracks, and beautiful lyrical interpretations. But it works in a very Natalie Merchant sort of way.

Some things I dig about the EP are the Marshall Tucker Band flute that opens “Up in the Sky” and the restraint of Katie Crutchfield’s voice in “Tomorrow.” Crutchfield’s voice is so rich that she can still give so much to a song without showing off her ability to move up and down a scale. It really works in this tune.

I plan to watch a couple of episodes of El Deafo with my baby niece so I can see how they used the music in the show. With that said, check out these two new tunes from Waxahatchee. They spotlight another side of a super talented artist.

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Jan 08, 2022

It’s been amazing to see her progress as an artist. I saw her in Albuquerque 2014.

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