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Oh Canada! Canadian Bands You Should Be Listening To

I just got back from a European vacation! So of course I'm thinking about Canadian music. Huh?

Here are seven bands you should have on your playlists:

Ducks Ltd.

Pop/punk rockers from Toronto, Ducks Ltd., have managed to create a sound that is both edgy and smooth. Their ability to build a wave of sound garnished with familiar punk riffs and garage band vocals makes the songs fun and catchy as hell. The “Modern Fiction” album is a fun ride and the single, “18 Cigarettes,” is one of my favorite rock songs from 2021.

The Beaches

This is a band that I just recently came across. I love the mix of driving guitars and often indifferent, though extremely competent, vocals. The two sisters, Jordan Miller (vocals, bass) and Kylie Miller (lead guitar) have created a unique take on pop/punk.

Young Guv

Young Guv’s power-pop has a real retro feel and it works. His album, “GUY IV,” is filled with catchy tunes. My two favorites, “Cold In The Summer” and It’s Only Dancing,” have early Seventies folk/pop vibes. This is just good music.

Bike Thiefs

Fresh off of their first European tour these fellows play their rock with a bit of an edge. You may hear a little David Byrne and Fred Schneider in the vocals. The lyrics in these tunes are as edgy as the band’s sound. These fellows don’t back away from guitar licks or political commentary.


The Toronto music scene is vibrant and diverse. Mustafa’s music is beautiful and inspiring. The singing voice is lovely, but the artist’s voice is insightful and hopeful. The realism is harsh, but the perspective is prayerful. Hoping a new album is to come soon.

Kiwi Jr.

These Toronto fellows recently inked with Sub Pop Records. Their 2021 album, “Cooler Returns,” was packed with offbeat pop/punk earworms. “Maid Marian’s Toast,” “Cooler Returns,” “Omaha,” and “Waiting Line” are just damn-hearing-that-made-me-happy songs.

Born Ruffians

Does genre really matter? No! Why can’t a post/punk band go psychedelic? The Born Ruffian’s new tune, “Chrysanthemums,” is a bit of brilliant psychedelic magic that you’d expect from a band like Khruangbin. But this isn’t the first time that the band’s attention has wandered. This band is always interesting and the music is quality.


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