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OMI Song of the Year Brackets Group 2

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

The tournament begins! 64 songs, one winner. Here are the Group 2 comments and results.

Not Afraid – The Rare Occasions


When We Were Kids – young friend

Dane – Every year I get closer to 40, I spend more time trying to find the spirit of myself that I had as a child. “When We Were Kids” really is pulling on my nostalgic heartstrings. I really like this tune. “Not Afraid” is one of those songs that can seamlessly slide between 4-5 genres in one track. For me, this has been my hardest round so far. I’ll choose “Not Afraid” as being one of the coolest songs I heard this year.

Old Man – I really like the vocals on this driving The Rare Occasions tune. This track swells and recedes throughout. young friend is one of my guilty pop pleasures, so I may not be impartial here. I also have a soft spot for nostalgia in my music. So, I must go with “When We Were Kids” on this one.

Suhas – So “Not Afraid” was one of my sections for the top 64 songs of 2022. But I’m drawn in by the nostalgic puppy love of “When We Were Kids.” I may be a bit of a surprise, but young friend gets my vote.

“When We Were Kids” by young friend moves on to the round of 32.

Baby Don’t Go – Oliver Malcolm


Look Out – Peach Pit

Suhas – I really enjoy the melody of Peach Pit’s song. The themes, of drug use and being unsure about falling back into the arms of a former lover, have been central to Peach Pit. But it works. “Look Out” is my selection.

Old Man – I must remind myself this is a song contest (not an artist or album contest). I just love the Peach Pit album! Having said that, nothing gets me up and moving more than Malcolm’s “Baby Don’t Go.” This gets me pumped! Peach Pit’s dark sarcasm sad-pop is infectious. “Look out I’m stoned again” are the type of cheeky lyrics that Peach Pit fans love. Today, I’m putting on my dancing shoes and selecting Malcolm’s “Baby Don’t Go.”

Dane - Oliver Malcolm has the kind of non-traditional vocals that I’m a sucker for. He’s not a powerhouse but makes up for it with some funky growls and soul. I love the sad-pop style of Peach Pit and “Look Out” is really a great song. I choose “Look Out.”

“Look Out” top 32! Here comes Peach Pit.

Point Me Toward the Real – Ezra Furman


Poor Boy – Jamie McDell

Old Man – Furman’s “Point Me Toward the Real” isn’t for everyone. But for me, it has such satisfying lyric intensity. The song is so raw. McDell’s “Poor Boy” is sweet, lovely nostalgia. I love this New Zealand artist’s voice and songwriting. Her self-titled album is a gem. This is a tough call; Furman’s song is one I’ll be talking about for years. I vote for “Point Me Toward the Real.”

Dane – “Point Me Toward the Real” has some of the best vibes and lyrics. I really think this song has universal appeal. Aren’t we all looking for the real out there? Poor Boy tells a beautiful story of a father’s love. I think “Point Me Toward The Real” must move on.

Suhas – I find “Point Me Toward the Real” very relatable. Especially the part about being damaged from past relationships. I vote for “Point Me Toward the Real.”

It’s unanimous! “Point Me Toward the Real” moves on to the next round.

Sway – Fitz & the Tantrums


Captivated - Beau

Suhas – I can’t help but like the bubbly upbeat “Sway” from Fitz & the Tantrums. But it’s the saga of still being captivated by someone after a relationship has ended that got me. My choice is “Captivated” by Beau.

Old Man – Fitz & the Tantrums have another party song and it’s a good one. New York duo Beau’s song “Captivated” is the opening track on the Forever (and more” album. This dreamy track picks you up and actually makes you sway. Love Beau’s production on this one and it’s my choice from this pairing.

Dane - I really like the minimalist instrumentation and glitchy drum sounds on Captivated. Sway is a lot of fun, but “Captivated” gets my vote!

NYC duo Beau makes it to the next round with their song “Captivated.”


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