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OMI Song of the Year Round 1 Group 3

OMI Song of the Year 64 songs, one winner. Here are the Group 3 comments and results.

Shrug (Demo) - Lunar Vacation


I Am the Car – Fake Fruit

Suhas: I've heard many men compare their girlfriends to cars but this is the first time I've heard of a woman comparing herself to a car. It makes for an interesting introspective analogy as Hannah D'Amato talks about psyche the way a mechanic or a car enthusiast would talk about a vehicle. I vote for “I Am the car.”

Dane: “Shrug” has some cooler slacker rock and bedroom pop vibes and a guitar riff that’s tough to forget. I really enjoy the DIY aesthetic of “I Am the Car”, the recording sounds like it could go off the rails at any moment. I choose “I Am the Car” to advance.

Old Man: “Shrug” is a demo version of Lunar Vacations’ 2021 song. I like these lyrics better than the polished full-production release. The song is saturated with apathy. There is something to the musical build and the ensuing crashing cymbal sounds in Fake Fruit’s “I Am the Car.” Both these songs have a bit of a garage band element to them. I’m going with “I Am the Car” on this one.

“I Am the Car” moves on to the round of 32.

Bell Jar – Angela Sclafani


Billie Toppy – Men I Trust

Old Man: “Bell Jar” is so damn catchy. Sclafani gives this one a bit of a country vibe. The lyrics are worth diving into as well. “Billie Toppy” has such a groovy deep guitar surf riff throughout contracting the breathy lead vocals. It’s a very hip tune. Knowing I won’t be able to get “Bell Jar” out of my head for the rest of the day, I’ll vote for Sclafani.

Dane: Angela Sclafani has such a unique voice, and “Bell Jar” does a good job displaying her full range. I think that “Billie” Toppy is a nice departure from the usually moody and dreamy Men I Trust. It’s nice to hear some upbeat drum and bass lines mixed with the drowsy vocals. “Billie Toppy” gets my vote

Suhas: “Billie Toppy has such cool lo-fi vocals and guitar riffs that make this song sensual and dark. That’s what really caught my attention. I love the way it slowly descends into the lead vocalist pleading with her lover in the second half of the song. “Billie Toppy” has my vote.

“Billie Toppy" makes it to round 2!

Heartbursts - Lucius


I Saw – Young Fathers

Dane: I think Lucius does such a great job of capturing the sounds of the Eighties with a modern twist. “I Saw” is a genre-defying ball of energy. This song really goes places, the end of the song sounds nothing like the beginning, and I love it. “I Saw” moves on.

Suhas: “Heartburst” describes how many relationships start out as a fantasy. It goes on to describe the unsureness and uneasiness that comes with falling in love as reality slowly starts to hit. My vote goes to Lucius.

Old Man: Love this Lucius album. But I didn’t pick up on this song earlier this year. Giving it a close listen, I have to say I am quite impressed with the vocal work on this track. The pulsing vibe of the song fits the theme of risking a new relationship. “I Saw” is the song I want playing when my favorite athlete walks into the arena. I wrote earlier this year opening bassline reminds me of the guitars in Norman Greenbaum’s “Spirit in the Sky.” I must go with the Young Fathers on this one.

“I Saw" is moving on!

The Walk Home – Young the Giant


Another Night – Sons of the East

Old Man: I really like these two songs. “The Walk Home” is a very emotional song for me. Finding that person to walk through life and towards the inevitable with really connects with me. The Sons of the East have got a real knee-slapper here. The way the piano, tambourine, and string instruments create the beat of the song is so much fun. My vote is for “The Walk Home.”

Dane: Veteran rockers Young the Giant have refined their sound over the years, I think that The Walk Home is a fine display of their musical journey. Another Night is a real knee-slapper. Sons of the East have really hit the sweet spot between folk and pop with this one. Another night moves on.

Suhas: For me, this song is a perfect representation of how it feels to be lost and depressed ("lost in the algorithm of someone else"). As the lead singer, Samir Gadhia, tries to find his way home fighting his thoughts and painful memories he longs for someone to help him find his way and feel less alone. My vote goes to “The Walk Home.”

“The Walk Home" strides into the second round!


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