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OMI Song of the Year Round 1 Group 4

OMI Song of the Year 64 songs, one winner. Here are the Group 4 comments and results.

Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You - Valerie June


Kiss Me (I Love You)- Father John Misty

Suhas: Normally I’m not a fan of country music, but Valerie puts a lot of gusto into the lyrics about wanting to stay back with her lover instead of going somewhere else. This one really works and gets my vote.

Dane: Valerie June might have more twang in her voice than any other country artist out there right now. “Tonight I’ll Be Staying Here With You” really captures traditional country vibes with a modern twist. “Kiss Me” is the emotional centerpiece of Father John Misty’s monumental album from this year. It’s fragile but carries the weight of a heavy heart. I vote to move “Kiss Me” on.

Old Man: So many things to love about June’s cover of this Dylan classic. Valerie June is a one-of-a-kind talent. Love the way she drops her incredibly unique vocal into this steel guitar driven track. The mellow big band sound of “Kiss Me” is intriguing and highlights just how many good songs there are on Father John Misty’s Chloe and the Next 20th Century. This one’s tough, but I’m putting Valerie June through to the Round of 32.

“Tonight I’ll Be Staying With You” finds a nice place to tuck itself into the top 32.

Brighter Day – Michael Franti


Next to Normal – Lucius

Dane: Another tough round, both songs really encompass what we do at Old Man Indie. These are both uplifting powerful songs. Franti preaches to keep fighting in “Brighter Day”, while Lucius captures the magic of how your partner can make you feel like you belong in “Next to Normal”. I want Franti to get me hyped up in the morning, but I want Lucius to move on to the next round.

Old Man: There isn’t a better ambassador of the human experience and how we can all pull together to lighten each other’s burden. Good man, good causes, good music. “Brighter Day” is an anthem of companionship and joy. When news broke that Lucius was releasing a disco album, I was skeptical. But now I consider it one of the best albums of the year and one of the most fun live musical experiences. “Next to Normal” just makes you want to get up and get down. Even has a little Bee Gees “ha, ha, ha, ha” in the tune. Tough call here. But I’m voting for Michael Franti.

Suhas: “next to Normal” gives me a disco music vibe! I love the themes of being yourself and putting your walls down. I also relate to the lyrics of “losing friends along the way, laughing at the wrong things.” I select Lucius.

“Next to Normal” from the Lucious album Second Nature grooves its way into the second round.

Summer in My Head – Goldpark


Love333 - Girlpool

Dane: Aren’t we all guilty of romanticizing the past? “Summer in My Head” allows you do just that without the guilt! It’s a great pop-rock song. I’ve been lucky to follow Girlpool throughout their career and it’s unbelievable how their sound has evolved. “Love333” sounds so different than “Before the World Was Big”. “Love333” has got to be the breakup song of the year and for that reason, it advances to the next round!

Suhas: I can’t really say why, but for me “Summer in My Head” sticks. Give me Goldpark.

Old Man: “Summer in My Head” hits all the nostalgic emotional buttons. The production swings from upbeat to dreamy. Everything delivers the emotional sense of reminiscing. My favorite 2022 summertime song. Girlpool’s “Love333” is a song that has stuck with me ever since it has been released. It sounds like a sad girl song turned breakup duo. Which for me is kryptonite. But it works and it stays with me. I’m a bit haunted by the tune. “Love333” is the song from this paring I select.

“Love333” gets what it wanted all along. Elevation to the next round!

Anotha 1 - Lonely God


Just Sayin - JayWood

Old Man: This is a battle of super catchy tunes. Lonely God’s “Anotha 1” is an earworm. Love how the electric guitar is both stripped down and distorted. A fun track that I’ll keep in rotation.

JayWood has such a slick winner here with “Just Sayin.” I love the falsetto in this tune and the background vocals. The synth really ties it together. For me “Just Sayin” is the tune to go to the next round.

Dane: “Anotha 1” has some chill, slacker-rock vibes without the jangly guitars. “Just Sayin” has a great bassline that really invites you into the song. JayWood does a great job wrapping a good moral lesson inside of a legit R&B tune. I choose “Just Sayin” to move on.

Suhas: I really like the funky tones in JayWood’s “Just Sayin”. These are so healing and relaxing. I’m going with JayWood.

“Just Sayin” smoothly sails into the Round of 32.


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