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Rock is Alive! In Great Britain – Part 1

Updated: Apr 19, 2022

My oldest son likes to say guitar-centered rock is done as a mainstream genre. He’ll go as far as to point out that Green Day may have been the last rock band to be culturally relevant and atop the radio charts. I like to tell him that when he least expects it rock will make a huge comeback. I’m beginning to think that a possible third British Invasion is brewing and maybe the thing that ushers in a new era of rock music. Over the next few weeks, I’ll share some sounds from Great Brittan and let all of you decide whether this is just a British thing or whether it bodes well for the future of rock in America.

Let’s start with the fun stuff, indie rock/punk (also called post-punk or pop-punk). As some of you may know, I started this blog when I couldn’t find anyone who had heard of the band The Avenues. How could that be? “Moving Car” is such a killer tune. I love my rock music with elements of punk. The Avenues had managed to capture the big full sound that I like to call the wave of sound (so popular in the UK right now) and blend it with punk sensibilities. The sound is commercial, and it rocks! Also, check out the song “Beautiful Shoes.”

Another band to watch is Eades. Eades just dropped the album Delusion Spree. The band fancies itself as raw garage band outliers. But the truth is they get a lot of great sound on their new album. They’re not rolling out the wave of sound like The Avenues or some of the Post-Brexit New Wave bands, but these folks are good musicians. The keyboards kill on this album. The guitar playing is slick and catchy (even some surf licks on the song Delusion Spree). The tune “Staying Forever” opens with a brilliant baseline and then builds. First a rhythm guitar, then a lead. Later it breaks down to a distorted guitar hitting single licks (feels so much like an old War or Santana setup). The arrangements on this album are clever. This is a great album with surprising range and such a good vibe.

I’m ready for a new album from Scotland’s Dude Trips. Dude Trips have such a 90’s vibe (Jimmy Eat World meets Weezer). The “You are the Reason I’m Leaving” EP is so underrated. Check out the tunes “Evergreen” and “Documentaries” (from their latest album) and you’ll be hooked.

Finally, if you're longing for something a little more fun like The All American Rejects, Bowling for Soup, or Fountains of Wayne the Royals might be the band for you. This Southampton band even has a bit of a boy band element to them. But songs like “Fair Weather Friend” could have been belted out by Jaret Reddick or Adam Schlesinger. This is pretty good stuff. We all need some tunes that are just plain fun. The Royals deliver big in that category.

So, check out these bands. Also, check out American bands doing the same kind of work (Ducks Ltd, Beths, UV-TV, Kiwi Jr., etc...). There are always American bands waiting to break through big when there is a British Invasion. I’ll be back soon with more rock music bands making their mark in Great Brittan and possibly sowing the seeds for the next wave of rock in America.


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