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Single Review: Willi Carlisle's "Tulsa’s Last Magician"

Willi Carlisle conveys the kind of authenticity and wisdom that takes a lifetime to acquire. Willi’s songs are both learned and eloquent, The Orlando Weekly described him as “simultaneously ancient and avant-garde”. His new single, “Tulsa’s Last Magician,” tells a familiar story. A man (an actual performing magician) living in hard times decides throws in the towel, go work for the man, and become a cog in the machine. The song explores his struggle to hold onto his faith, fire, and identity. “Tulsa’s Last Magician” last verse is a plea for the modern-day eccentrics to refuse the path of the last magician and instead radiate their humor and magic because this is what the world needs more of. He’s right!

I found Willi Carlisle while sifting through Spotify recommendations and using the apps “Fans also like” function. The party song “Cheap Cocaine” was my first taste and liked it. I thought the guy had a unique voice and the song made me laugh a few times. I added it to a few playlists and moved on. After listening to that song, a couple dozen times in the background, I finally decided to give the guy an honest shot and I’m so glad I did. Willi Carlisle is a singer-songwriter, poet, multi-instrumentalist, and storytelling titan. I look forward to seeing if Willi can capture some more magic on his upcoming album Peculiar, Missouri, due out July 15th on Free Dirt Records & Service Co.


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