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Songs We've Added to Our Playlist

These are 10 songs we've added to our Spotify playlist New Indie Music (OMI Playlist)

Let it Ride – Camp Trash

Such a cool band. I’m such a pop=punk fan. This band has a bit of Bowling for Soup in them. I’m in!

elastic – Miloe

Forget genres and just enjoy the song! Bobby Kabeya voice perfectly nudges this tune forward, Add this song!

Garden Song = The Dead Tongues

I’ve been waiting for another The Dead Tongues song to come across my radar. The song feels sad, but the blend of folk and country makes it irresistibly lovely.

Know Yor Demons – Tre’ Burt

Pop-folk with a touch of John Cougar Mellencamp. I’m really drawn to this song.

Just Sayin’ – Jay Wood

Soulful, cool, and smooth. Great tune for driving around with the windows down.

Haven’t Been Doing So Well – Frank Turner

A little more pop-punk from long-time punk Frank Turner. This one is very catchy.

Little Black Space – Clean Cut Kids

Just can’t get enough from this great Liverpool band.

Little Baby – Pearl Derringer, Margo Price

Mystery performer doing a duet with Margo Price. Such a moving voice. Such a throwback sound. Of course, I added this song.

Room for Another – Bre Kennedy, Mokita

I knew that I loved Bre Kennedy’s voice. Now I love John-Luke Carter’s voice as well. This is my favorite duet since OSKA and Stu Larsen covered his song “Wide Awake and Dreaming.”

Cake – BEL

I just love the way Bel Whelan uses her voice, which I find both unique and familiar, to tell a story. The more I hear the song the more I feel like I’ve known it for a very long time.

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