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The Mix: B.R. Lively, October London, We Are Scientists

The Mix is a snapshot of three songs representing different genres of music that OMI would like to get on our follower's radar. Of course, if you’d like a deep dive into the music we love you can listen at our Spotify playlist New Indie Music

Right Way to Be Wrong – B.R. Lively

There’s a lot to love about the music that comes out of Austin, Texas. Indie-folk celebrant B.R. Lively weaves a mystical moral milieu into his songwriting. “Right Way to Be Wrong” is an infernal bit of self-reflection with Celtic overtones. The viola and cello work of Danny Levin is outstanding and both push the perceived pace of the tune and give it its hellish vibe. This is the type of song that gets better with each listen. If you haven’t checked out B.R. Lively’s work use this tune to access a tremendous Texas singer/songwriter.

Make Me Wanna – October London

“Make Me Wanna” makes you want to groove. October London’s sound will immediately bring the mind the sound of Marvin Gaye. London’s vocals, his falsetto, and the way the production layers London’s vocals so he is singing various background vocals for himself is Marvin. That is intentional. The name of London’s album is The Rebirth of Marvin. The music is original, but the sound (which is incredible) is a tribute to the late Motown greats. “Make Me Wanna” is Marvin Gaye through and through. London is a Death Row Records artist and certainly someone who is a real joy to follow.

Lucky Just to Be Here – We Are Scientists

New York City-based indie rockers We Are Scientist was founded in Berkeley, California in 1999. Their sound has evolved over the years and “Lucky Just to Be Here” channels some of the rising indie rock sounds we hear in Great Britain and Canada. Synths are clearly being featured more in their new music. “Lucky Just to Be Here” blends Keith Murray’s bright vocals with great production. The song is an optimistic take on a breakup. I really like the way the song and production build to Murray’s guitar solo (bridge). I love it when we can share a song from a band that has continued to do the hard work of grinding out new music.


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