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The Mix: Lo Pony, Eddie 9V, and Samia Are Just Too Good Not to Follow

We try to mix it up a little bit here at OMI. This month we’re starting a new monthly post that pulls together very different sorts of bands and hopefully expands your musical palate. Be sure to check out our playlist that tracks the best new indie music over the last 6 weeks. New Indie Music

Elephant Sky – Lo Pony

Lo Pony describes themselves as a queer folk group based in Portland. “Elephant Sky” is a lovely haunting track. Kale Chesney’s voice exists somewhere in the universe between Valerie June and Stevie Nicks. This is a great song and a great time to get a hold of this band with only two songs on Spotify. There is nothing more satisfying than finding a band early and watching/hearing them grow. Add “Elephant Sky” to your playlist today!

Beg Borrow and Steal – Eddie 9V

Eddie V9 likes throwing out some old-school R&B. “Beg Borrow and Steal” has everything you need. The horn section, organ, and blues guitar. Eddie 9V (9-Volt) himself is fully emerged into the sound and his character. “Beg Borrow and Steal” is just a great way to let go and soak in some good times.

Mad at Me – Samia

New York City-based artist Samia’s synch-pop is catchy and catching on. She is a rising star. She recently snagged a couple of upcoming summer opening gigs for Maggie Rogers in Amsterdam. “Mad at Me” is dreamy synth-pop with some hard distorted edges snuck into the production. The song's refrain “Are you still mad at me” sticks with you in a bit of a poignant manner. This song and artist are well worth the follow.


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