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The Six - Artists & Songs You Should Know - December 2022 Edition

Just a few sentences to describe new music from bands you’ve got to give a listen.

Also, check out our playlist that tracks the best new indie music over the last 6 weeks. New Indie Music

My Head Feels Strange – Vistas

The Vistas have new music! The single “My Head Feels Strange” reminds just how much I love this Scottish band’s sound and lead singers Prentice Robertson’s voice. It’s tough finding great tunes in December. Add this one to your playlist.

Tanlines – High Waisted

This Sixties throwback from New York City band High Waisted is the perfect soundtrack tune for a back-in-the-day B movie. This is so well executed and I’m not sure I’ve heard anything quite like it recently. This is a super fun song to check out.

Times Have Changed – Claire Davis

Yes, yes, yes! Some old-school R&B with an opening kick that the Main Ingredient would have been proud of. Claire Davis has a Freda Payne type of smoothness and strength to her vocals. The juxtaposition of old style and modern lyric sensibilities works really well here.

compass – Cam Kahin

Love when we find an artist that we feel like we can share with our readers. Canadian experimental/alt-rocker Cam Kahin has a brilliant song with “compass.” It’s a great mix of pop and rock. You’ll find yourself walking around and singing this one.

Out of Line – Olive Klug

There is an intentional sweetness to Olive Klug’s music. “Out of Line” is a slyly rebellious tune delivered in the most sugary folk manner. Add this lovely to your playlist. You’ll be glad you did.

Anything But You – The Greeting Committee

I’ve always had trouble figuring out exactly how to describe The Greeting Committee’s sound. With “Anything But You” they swerve a little closer to pop than recent tunes. But this is a very enjoyable swerve and the lyrics will surprise you a couple of times. This is a great playlist add.


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