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The Six – Artists You Should Know & Their Songs for Your Playlist

Just a few sentences to describe new music from bands you’ve got to give a listen.

Also, check out our playlist that tracks the best new indie music over the last 6 weeks. New Indie Music

Don’t Help by Tom Sheldon.

Sometimes great music finds you. 19-year-old English rocker Tom Sheldon drop us a line and asked us to check out his new song “Don’t Help.” This is a hard-rocking gem! The vocals are killer. Check out this tune.

Highway 200 by Sterling Drake

Also, another situation where an artist reached out to the staff. On this tune, Drake brilliantly channels early 90’s country music. His voice is dead-on in this boot-scooting track. The song is more enjoyable every time I hear it.

Quitting is Rough by Trampled by Turtles

You can simply never get enough TBT. “Quitting is Rough” is a laidback tune for the folk jam band. But it has the band’s familiar harmony and mix of traditional instruments. The strings create a beat that marches forward as Dave Simonett’s signature vocals deliver another solid TBT tune.

Sweet Susie by Altameda

Every once in a while, we make a mistake at OMI. Earlier this year I left Altameda off my essential Canadian bands (sorry guys!). Their recent album release, Born Losers, is excellent. “Neon”, Wheel of Love”, and “Sweet Susie” are favorites. “Sweet Susie” is a lovely tune with a light R&B sway. Check out the album and add “Sweet Susie” to your playlist.

Admit Nothing by The Avenues

We simply won’t get tired of promoting this band (backstory – their song “Moving Car” inspired the start of this blog and our Insta account). The Avenues have another tight tune with “Admit Nothing.” WE just hope they get to America and we have the chance to see them live. Add this “Admit Nothing” to your playlist and as many The Avenues tunes as you can.

Friends I Barely Know by Windser

West coast artist Jordan Topf’s rock/pop project Windser has a winner in “Friends I Barely Know.” A really catchy tune about being alone in a crowd. This is the kind of tune you find yourself randomly singing as you go about your day.


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