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The Six – Songs to Add to Your Playlist 10/11/22

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

The seasons are changing. The big summer festivals are gone. The local arts and community festivals are back. It’s a great time to discover new local artists. It is also a good time to update our playlists. Here are 6 new tunes for your indie music playlist.

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Teenage Overpopulation – 2nd Grade

The song is just plain fun. The tune has the feel of a Weezer Blue Album tune. But really, it’s the lyrics. Check out these opening lyrics

There's too many teens in the world ruining the human experience.

Too many teens taking summer jobs from hardworking Americans.

Too many people living in warzones of typical teenage hormones.

My People – The Beaches

Toronto-based The Beaches has got a real banger here. An upbeat tune about the twenty-something beatdown. Love the idea that this time of life is a mess, but also quite enjoyable.

The Hardest Part - Olivia Dean

This is actually a 2020 release from singles artist Olivia Dean. Such a beautiful and smooth tune. For many indie artists, a release of a single is all that can be managed. In Dean’s case, it’s worth listening to each release. Discover this talent and take a few minutes to listen to each release.

live from the ufo – Origami Angel

WTF. A strip-down pop, mostly acoustic, track from one of our favorite pop-punk bands. Yes! This is such a good tune. These guys are just fucking talented.

Another Night – Sons of the East

Love when I find a great indie folk song. Australia’s Sons of the East have a knee-slapper here. It’s the kind of song that gets everyone at the festival singing along.

Change of Heart – Margo Price

My favorite Margo Price is the one with a bit of attitude. During the verses, this tune hints at a bluesy rock from bands like ZZ Top & Foghat (sans the guitar solos) and then settles into a power-pop chorus. The lead guitar through the verses really works on this song.


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