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The Six: Songs You Should Be Streaming - April 2023

Six songs from six artists that you should be streaming today! Be sure to check out our playlist that tracks the best new indie music over the last 6 weeks. New Indie Music

American Blues by Varju

No surprise OMI is a big fan of music coming out of Austin, Texas. The first single from Austin based (northern California raised) artist Varju is a “American Blues.” The song is about the inevitability of growing old, not being ready to adult, and being really quite burdened by what the prospects of the elderly’s maladies. Varju manages to deliver his anxiety through a smooth falsetto and very catchy tune. The chorus of “American Blues” simply a layering and mixing of “ahs.” But it really works. This song will stay with you throughout the day. Give this song and artist a follow. We don’t know much about Varju but hope to hear more.

Mending Song by Ruston Kelly

Singer/songwriter Ruston Kelley has a gem in “Mending Song.” The song channels the styling of American folk artists Stephen Stills, Simon and Garfunkel, and Loggins and Messina with the production and vocal layering of current indie music. The guitar work on this song is lovely. The song is biographical and for those who know Kelly’s story it’s a painful retelling. The things that happen in life hurt, but the fact that we continue to carry the pain from the past is what this song is about. The song is well written. The lyrics “I'll carry every life I've lived into the next, maybe Saint Peter will just average all the best”, nails down the song’s theme and offers a touch of cheekiness in an otherwise tender confessional. This song has over the last six weeks become one of my favorite 2023 tunes.

Paper Cups by Ripe

Oddly, this month’s Six has two horn section driven bands with songs that don’t feature horns. The first one is from “Paper Cups” by Boston-based band Ripe. The track has a light groove and features the unusually laid-back vocals of Robbie Wulfsohn. Use this song as your excuse to get to know Ripe. Dig into rich soulful music and find many gems for your playlist.

Pilgrim by The Wood Brothers

Roots/Americana doesn’t always have the flow you get with “Pilgrim” by The Wood Brothers. The Colorado band blends folk, gospel, and jazz for and acoustic bop. The tune is so catchy, and elements are so cleverly woven together. The song rides on a very cool bassline and the gospel bridge is a real treat. You’ll find yourself walking around and singing this one to yourself. This is a playlist add.

Like a Brother by hey, nothing

The infectious Georgia duo of Tyle Mabry and Harlow Phillips make up the band hey, nothing. The band has a knack for capturing teenage ambivalence. I swear their music was made for movie soundtracks. “Like a Brother” is a fun acoustic that features Phillip’s rolling vocals. It’s a great way to introduce yourself to a couple singer/songwriters that have a unique voice and a great sound.

Lonely Love Song by St. Paul & the Broken Bones

St. Paul and the Broken Bones is a one-of-a-kind touring band that mixes old school horn-driven R&B with front man showmanship that brings to mind images of a small southern Pentecostal church. Lead singer Paul Janeway is electric on stage and has a crazy impressive vocal range. The band is best experienced in a venue small enough to take in the show without the aid of a large video display.

The tune “Lovely Love Song” is a sparse acoustic singer/songwriter track that challenges everything I previously knew about the band. Janeway’s beautiful falsetto is unrushed and emotional. The song is about the deep satisfaction found in the beautiful banality of a lasting love. This is a song that belongs on your playlist.


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