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The Six: Songs You Should Be Streaming - January 2023

I’m back from my winter break and here are the six new songs you need to be streaming now (and artist you need to know). Be sure to check out our playlist that tracks the best new indie music over the last 6 weeks. New Indie Music

Eddy My Love – Brigitte Calls Me Baby

At this point, the Chicago-based band “Brigitte Calls Me Bay is a bit of a mystery. A lot of folks who have seen them live like to compare the band to the Smiths. But sonically I hear Roy Orbison. The lead singer has a better range and tone than Morrisey. The song “Eddie My Love” is a great tune and actually begs comparison to a contemporary artist, alt-country talent Orville Peck. “Eddie My Love” is a great ride and a tune you need to be streaming. Let’s hope we hear more from and learn more about Brigitte Calls Me Baby

Living in Gray – Circa Waves

Circa Waves is an English band that formed in Liverpool. Their new album, Never Going Under, is outstanding. “Living in the Grey” is the album’s final cut and lead singer Kieran Shudall and the boys have created an exquisitely emotional tune. If you’re a Gang of Youths fan you’ll love this track. "Living in the Gray" is well-produced and driving synths help create a rich full sound.

One More Night With No One – Vistas

Scottish alt-rockers Vistas have another great tune-out. “One More Night with No One” features a great wave of background vocals and Prentice Robertson’s distinct sound. This music is high energy and a great tune to have streaming when you feel like conquering the next big this (lyrics aside). You simply can’t have enough Vista tunes on your playlist.

Love! Love! Love! – BLOWSOM, anais

“Love! Love! Love!” is super fun pop from French artist BLOWSOM. This is such a sweet bouncy duet and features the vocals of German singer/songwriter anais. We all deserve sweet things. This bit of pop introduces you to two international singers/songwriters well worth following.

Racing Hearts – The Wind and the Wave

I’ve been waiting for this album. I just love this Austin, Texas duo. Patricia Lynn has such a talent for turning a musical phrase. She could make reading the sports page sound like it has a hook. There were three new songs that I was torn between for this blog. I chose the album’s title track, “Racing Hearts”, because Lynn does something a little unusual here. She shows off her pipes. I really love how she belts out this song. Dwight Baker shows his versatility as well producing a sound that is edgy with attitude. This song is a different sound for The Wind and the Wave, but it really works. Give this album a listen and add multiple tunes to your playlist.

Blink – the moss

Hawaiian alt-rockers, the moss, have started to garner some attention with their recently released song “Insomnia.” But the song that caught my ear was “Blink.” On this track, Tyke James’ vocals just grab you and keep pulling throughout. The yearning and fear of loss in the song are palpable. James’ takes some chances vocally on the song, but it really works. This is a great change of pace tune from the moss.


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