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The Six: Songs You Should Be Streaming - March 2023

Updated: Mar 12, 2023

Six songs from six artists that you should be streaming today! Be sure to check out our playlist that tracks the best new indie music over the last 6 weeks. New Indie Music

Falling - Dean Brady

Brisbane-born soul artist Dean Brady has an incredibly smooth hit with “Falling.” Brady and his team brilliantly blend the old and the new. The orchestration that kicks in with the chorus reminds me of The Love Unlimited Orchestra’s work in the early Seventies. If you love the “Silk Sonic” project, you’ll really like Brady’s work. I like that his vocals haven’t been layered to the same degree as Paak’s and Mars’ songs. It pulls off the difficult task of feeling intimate and sounding big. Great tune.

You and I – SYML

Washington state artist Brian Fennell, AKA SYML, has released one of our favorite early 2023 albums, The Day My Father Died. “You and I” is a singer/songwriter tune from that album that finds its elegance in its simplicity. The theme is about finding oneself in a significant other. The emptiness we can fill creates a longing to feel and experience. In these lyrics, that void is filled with that someone. The stripped-down production in “You and I” is a nice change from Fennel’s indie-pop leanings and a great introduction to the artist.

Healing House – Phum Viphurit

Thai singer/songwriter Phum Viphurit has a light funky song with “Healing House” that deals with the weighty issues of addiction and suicide. Viphurit’s silky vocals soothe as the music bounces along. The song opens with what sounds like a sparse ukelele rhythm that gives the listener a feel for a Jack Johnson tune, but then the bass kicks in and it’s clear this song is headed in its own direction. I can’t say enough about how well diverse musical elements are brought into this song. You must listen to understand. Then you won’t be able to stop listening.

When I Say So – Dolores Forever

London-based duo Hannah Wilson (Yorkshire) and Julia Fabrin (Copenhagen), the band Delores Forever, have a chorus in their new single, “When I Say So,” that is so damn catchy! It doesn’t hurt that it channels the Swedish supergroup ABBA. The dream pop track is perfect for the approaching spring and a tune you should be streaming.

Lying in the Grass Thinking About Death – Ten Kills the Pack

Toronto-based singer/songwriter Sean Sroka’s indie folk project Ten Kills the Pack has a nice alternative rock tune out with “Lying in the Grass Thinking About Death.” The song intends to capture thoughts that pass through the songwriter’s mind at a given moment and then step back to describe how “It’s all passing by.” The song is a throwback to the Seattle music of the mid-Eighties that caught on fire and was the dominant sound of the Nineties. I love Sroka’s voice and confessional style of songwriting. “Lying in the Grass Thinking About Death” showcases a different side of Sroka’s vocal capabilities. It’s the kind of song that could open up new opportunities for an artist.

Changes – Joy Oladokun

Joy Oladokun is an OMI favorite. The minimalist arrangement of “Changes” takes me back to old Van Morrison tunes. The song beautifully focuses on Oladokun’s crisp crack-and-rasp vocals. The lyrics explore the artist’s evolving perspective on a society that still struggles with equity. If you follow Oladokun’s music you’ve become aware of how she will turn an issue over and write from various perspectives (though all will essential champion equity). With that in mind, the single “Changes” comes out a year after her song “Fortune Favors the Bold” and offers tremendous insight into how advocates for change can shift perspectives on how best to move forward. “Changes” is a soothing moment for an advocate catching their breath. I can’t recommend this song enough.


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