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The Six: Songs You Should Be Streaming - May 2023

Six songs from six artists that you should be streaming today! Be sure to check out our playlist that tracks the best new indie music over the last 6 weeks. New Indie Music

The Mask and the Mirror by Poor Man’s Poison

California folk band Poor Man’s Poison has a real talent for creating a mesmerizing blend of acoustic instrumentation and lovely vocal harmonies. “The Mask and the Mirror” is such a lovely blend. The song has a bit of a dark feeling to it and Ryan Hakker’s vocals are appropriately reserved and oddly soothing. The lyrics suggest a recurring struggle with depression. A mandolin gives the tune a bit of bounce and creates a pleasant juxtaposition. I just how all these different elements come together in this song. “The Mask and the Mirror” is a definite add to your playlist!

Drown Me in Emotions by Carver Commodore

Last time we checked in on Alabama band Carver Commodore we were comparing their new song to music by The Strokes. Their new tune, “Drown Me in Emotions” has a bit more of a pop vibe to it (though the distorted mic/vocals remain intact). The song hits its stride with a wall of sound in the chorus and the surfer melody is quite catchy. Fun song and just another reason to get Carver Commodore on your radar.

Green Flash by Jobi Riccio

Nashville-based singer/songwriter Jobi Riccio has a steel guitar, two-stepping, rolling-twang gem here with “Green Flash.” The sound is traditional, but the musings of the lyrics are a genuine mix of worry and hope about the songwriter’s journey that lies ahead. The Old Man would love to see this type of writing become more prevalent in country music. Jobi Riccio has a real winner here. Be sure to check out “Green Flash.”

Everyone’s A Guru Now by Saint Motel

Los Angeles indie-prog group Saint Motel has got a keyboard-driven bop with their new tune “Everyone’s A Guru Now” (with a title like that it just had to be a California band). The song starts off with a piano lick reminiscent of Chicago’s “Saturday in the Park” and then an organ joins in, and the bop is on! The result is an upbeat track that, along with A/J Jackson’s and the band’s fairly theatrical take on vocals, gives the listener a fresh take on the Seventies piano singer/songwriter sound. The best thing about having this tune on your playlist is that it pulls you in. This isn’t a song that just plays in the background. It breaks through.

Comfort by Katie Tupper

“Comfort” is the new single from Canadian neo-soul artist Katie Tupper. Tupper has a rich smooth sound that blurs the lines between soul, jazz, and pop. The track is chilled and features Tupper picking spots to drop into her deeper rage before climbing into a chorus with breathy bouncing lyrics. “Comfort” is unrushed and manages to mix various musical elements without feeling too busy. She lists Erykah Badu as an influence and there are certainly some Baduisms in the way she delivers her lyrics. Having said that Tupper’s voice is deeper than Badu’s and the sound is uniquely her own. This is a great tune and Katie Tupper is someone we’ll be watching.

I’ve been waiting to share this band for some time. Joe Hertler and The Rainbow Seekers is a Michigan-based band that has been putting out soulful rock (honestly, they don’t pay too much attention to genres) for a little more than a decade. “Spinning Out” opens with a guitar riff that channels a Sugar Ray track before kicking into what feels like a ska-pop tune with Men at Work flute flourishes. The synth work on this track really picks up the last half of the song. It’s a captivating tune that feels familiar and is a good introduction to Joe Hertler and the Rainbow Seekers. Let “Spinning Out” be your gateway song to the oeuvre of Joe Hertler and the Rainbow Seekers.


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