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Three Things: Carpark, Father John Misty, and Briston Maroney

I love musical discoveries and surprises. These are the three things that have most recently caught my fancy:

The Carparks EP The World Ended in 2012

Another British/Irish band hitting my rock radar. The Carparks have such a fresh sound and this EP is so good. They strike the right mix of pop vocals and rock guitars. Lead singer, Scottie, has the unique ability to swing from sweet innocence to edgy rocker within the same song. “Countdown from Ten” and “Warm Beers” are songs you should check out.

Briston Maroney Rocks Out

I got introduced to Briston Maroney through the song “Caroline.” A lovely bit of folk storytelling. Maroney has always included elements of rock in his music, but his songs generally build to a moment, usually in the bridge, where these elements represent the song’s peak. But in his new song, “The Kitchen,” he starts rocking from the very beginning. It really caught me off guard. But it’s good (really good). I love when artists challenge us to see them in a new light.

Father John Misty Channels Glen Campbell

I have started listening to Father John Misty’s new song “Goodbye, Mr. Blue” with my eyes close. The is a beautiful simplicity to this song. The guitar work is lovely. The focus is on the vocals and even the vocals are understated. It may be the humming, or it may be the understated vocals that remind me of the simple beauty of an early Glen Campbell song. This song is gorgeous.

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