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Widowspeak, Lucius, Jordy Searcy - Adding To The Playlists

Here are three great songs I’ve added to our playlist.

Everything is Simple by Widowspeak

This is a Washington state band that formed in New York City (our playlist is filling up with Washington bands). This song is a battle of apathy between Molly Hamilton’s laid-back voice and Robert Earl Thomas’s disinterested guitar. The funny thing is this really works. I’ve added a few Widowspeak songs to my playlists.

Next to Normal by Lucius

I love this song. For me, this is like Lake Street Dive’s “Hypotheticals.” It’s a breakthrough song with a really groovy R&B vibe from a band I’ve been waiting to do something I could really dig. This song completely changes how I see the band. I’m all in on this tune including the spooky-sounding lead into the chorus.

I Don’t Think You Love Me by Jordy Searcy.

Jordy Searcy always feels like a guilty pleasure for me. He has just the perfect mix of indie and pop radio. Now imagine adding a little angst and emotion to his voice and you have a delightfully sad song called “I Don’t Think You Love Me.” Check this out. It’s a great tune.


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