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What happens when an older man discovers new music? He usually turns it off. But this old man got sucked
in. After raising a drummer, a trombonist, and a singer/songwriter, it was inevitable that some of that music
would stick (and it did). This blog celebrates today’s music. Much of this is indie. A lot of the piece is by artists
who are in a very early stage of their careers. All this music is music that deserves to be celebrated.
Let’s be clear. I’m no expert. What you get with this blog is a true sense of discovery. I grew up in an era when
indie music could only be consumed at a live venue or in the rare instance when a friend had an LP from a
band that you had only read about. Today’s streaming platforms have opened the world of music to everyone.
My daughter follows playlists with deep-cut R&B tunes from the sixties, my middle son has EDM playlists
he loves to listen to while blowing glass, and my oldest son once made it his quest to learn Scandinavian
metal bands. All of this and more are available to each of us. For me, this opened open a whole new world
of music. This blog shares my novice celebration of musical discoveries.

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