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The Six: Songs You Should Be Streaming – July 2023

Six songs from six artists that you should be streaming today! Be sure to check out our playlist that tracks the best new indie music over the last 6 weeks. New Indie Music

Natural Form by quickly, quickly

“Natural Form” opens with a keyboard/synth riff that lands somewhere between OMI favorites Liam Kazar and Mathien. The sound is soulful with a bit of a bounce. quickly, quickly is the project of Graham Jonson. The work on production on this track creates such a serene groove. The layers of sound build throughout the song until it hits its ethereal outro. Check out “Natural Form” for the cool factor.

Bootleg Firecracker by Middle Kids

OMI named the Middle Kids’ 2021 Today We’re the Greatest its favorite album of the year. So, you can imagine how excited we are to get some more Middle Kids music. “Bootleg Firecracker” is a sweet song about what vocalist Hannah Joy refers to as the risks of intimacy. It’s Joy’s voice that effortlessly turns the phrases of the chorus with a bit of a crack and gentleness that creates the tune’s hook. Get this one on your playlist! You’ll find yourself walking about humming this one.

You’re the One by Rhiannon Giddens

There are not many musical artists with the accolades of Rhiannon Giddens. Giddens is a Pulitzer, Granny, and McArthur “Genius” grant recipient. Yet I find that there are still plenty of listeners that need to be introduced to this amazing artist. “You’re the One” is a terrific blend of soulful folk and pop. It’s nearly impossible to compare her vocals to other artists. She employs techniques and sounds not usually associated with folk music. This track reminds me of artists from the early seventies that comfortably moved from folk/country to blues/jazz to pop/rock. Add this one to your playlist.

Dumber by Celia

New York-based artist Celia Babini has a pop gem in “Dumber.” Babini does a nice job of delivering breathy verses and belting out a pop-production chorus. The chorus is an earworm, and the track is incredibly well-mixed. This is a fun tune from an artist that has garnered some attention and definitely has radio airplay in her future.

call and i’ll answer by Godly the Ruler

Nigerian-born Chicago-based has a knack for blending genres into something wonderful. “call and i’ll answer” has elements of indie-rock, EDM, punk, psychedelic, and hip-hop. The lyrics, like many of Godly the Ruler’s songs, have a feel of bands that consistently chart on college radio stations around the country. “call and i’ll answer” is such a great conglomeration of sound by a uniquely talented artist. You should be streaming this tune and calling into local radio and requesting it.

Slide by Hazel English

Australian dream-pop artist Hazel English has another charmer in “Slide.” What caught our attention with this song is the simple instrumentation at the forefront of the tune. It’s a simple guitar strumming. Of course, beneath that are layers of sounds and vocals delivering the airy sound we’ve come to expect from English. It’s a lovely track that is quite catchy. Check out “Slide” by Hazel English.


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