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6 Artists to Check Out & The Songs We’re Adding to Our Playlist

Updated: Mar 12, 2023

Be sure to check out our playlist that tracks the best new indie music over the last 6 weeks. New Indie Music

Juliana Riolino – Queen of Spades

Juliana Riolino brings that jukebox country sound to her music. The Toronto-based artist names Dolly Parton and Emmylou Harris as inspirations. You can hear the Dolly Parton influence in her song “Queen of Spades.” Add this one to your playlist and then checkout her album All Blue.

The Main Squeeze – Sunday Morning Smile

The Main Squeeze is a Bloomington-based funk band. This is by all rights a great party band. But their single “Sunday Morning Style” is a laidback jazzy hip-hop gospel blend of absolute joy. The song showcases lead singer Corey Frye’s falsetto and the band’s ability to blend together a multi-genre gem.

Ruby Waters – Open Arms

Ruby Waters hails from Ontario, Canada. Her musical leanings remind me of Amy Winehouse; stripped-down electric music with a soulful deep voice. What I like about her new single “Open Arms” is that Waters hits the chorus and drops this tune into a stomp and holler. It’s a great blend of her riffing soulful style and folk stomp.

Dayglow – Radio

Texas DIY musician Sloan Struble’s indie pop project, Dayglow, is an absolute guilty pleasure. Don’t overthink it. Just let go and enjoy the music. “Radio” is a pop bob that lifts your spirits.

Carver Commodore – They Don’t Know

Can’t help but love this Alabama band. If you like The Strokes or music coming out of Hull, England then this is a band for you. Distorted mic, is catchy as hell, and has a brilliant build-up to a wall of noise. The song “They Don’t Know” is a great example of what the band does well. This tune also has some serious synth work going on. Fun band to check out.

Broken Bells – Love On The Run

Brian Burton’s (aka Danger Mouse) and Shin’s frontman James Mercer’s project Broken Bells released their first album twelve years ago. Their third album together features the song “Love On The Run,” an early Seventies styled R&B ballad. The music and the background vocals are reminiscent of an Isaac Hayes production. Mercer’s vocals are restrained and smooth. The last two minutes of the song feature a distant emotive guitar solo. This is a seven-minute track that I can’t get enough of.


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