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May 7, 2022 - Songs We’ve Added to Our Playlist This Week (Quick Notes Edition)

The Kitchen – Briston Maroney

Briston Maroney rocking out is a fun surprise. Of course, this is an add!

Funeral – Wallice

A song about your own funeral. Hard to pass this one up. Plus it has that cool Wallice vibe.

You Don’t Know Me – Leyla McCalla

This laid-back tune will blow your mind. It’s folky, jazzy, and definitely has that world music sound going on. That caught me off guard was the underlying rock feel that builds and builds into the bridge. Just at the point in the song when I think I couldn’t like it anymore and another element is introduced and makes it better.

True North – Caroline Spence

Lovely country tune about the maturation process and finding what really matters in life.

victim of nostalgia - mxmtoon

Love the title, the vocals, the clever lyrics, and that R.E.M. feel on the chorus… what’s not to like here?

Anywhere – Madison Cunningham

Such a curiosity. Muffled guitar riffs and was that a steel drum? Cunningham does a bit vocal gymnastics that help give the song a jazzy island sound.

Chrysanthemums – Born Ruffians

Let’s start with I really like the Born Ruffians. Then they release this tune that is something psychedelic cool you’d expect from Khruangbin. Great add!

Predicament – Adin Boyer

Sometimes a song, very different from you’ve been listening to, breaks through. This happened with me in 1982 when Joe Jackson released the album Night and Day. The piano centric pop and rock songs are still some of my all-time favorites. Pianist Adin Boyer has a bit of this Joe Jackson style in his music. This is an enjoyable song that takes me out of the routine of passively listening.

Excuses – goth gf, The Ready Set

Guilty pleasure pop song. It has all those teen elements. Slick production and so catchy. Doesn’t matter. I just like it.

Goodbye Mr. Blue – Father John Misty

This is my favorite add this week. Father John Misty channeling Glen Campbell in a simple elegant country tune. Close your eyes and take in the beauty if simply humming a melody.


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