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OMI Song of the Year Round 1 Group 5

OMI Song of the Year 64 songs, one winner. Here are the Group 5 comments and results.

Shotgun - Soccer Mommy


Tulsa's Last Magician - Willi Carlisle

Suhas: I really connected with “Shot Gun.” I like how it starts off a little dark and then turns sweeter around the middle. The metaphors Sophia Regina Allison uses to describe how she waits for someone she desires are very clever. “Shotgun” gets my vote.

Old Man: I love the way “Shotgun” swings back and forth between the distorted mic laid-back rock tune and its pop chorus. Soccer Mommy had a nice run on college radio with this gem. Nostalgia has been a reoccurring theme in this year’s top 64 songs. Carlisle’s take is both a little sad and a reminder that we all make choices and have a chance to hang onto some of that magic from a time when we could embrace our truly unique selves. “Tulsa’s Last Magician” gets my vote.

Dane: For me, “Shotgun” is the better song. It’s got a tight alt-rock vibe and is SO catchy…. But what is a song, if not another way to tell a story? The story of “Tulsa’s Last Magician” is monumental. I’m gonna trust my brain instead of my heart this time and pick “Shotgun.”

“Shotgun” is moving on to the next round.

Every Morning - The Avenues

vs. In Between Days - Ducks, Ltd

Dane: “Every Morning” sounds like a song the Arctic Monkey’s could have sung (back when they were interested in making rock music). Great tune from the up-and-coming UK band. Ducks, Ltd did a fine job covering “In Between Days”, but I’m not sure a cover can be considered for song of the year unless they really transform the song, and that didn’t happen here. “Every Morning” moves on.

Old Man: Talk about tough! The pairing is made up of my favorite bands that happen to have a lot of shared characteristics in their music. The Avenues have got a great tune here with an absolutely brilliant guitar driving this song. “In Between Days” is an effortless cover by the Ducks of the Cure’s hit. I really like both of these songs but have to go with the original work here from The Avenues.

The Avenues “Every Morning” will see another day in our tournament.

you in everything - Gang of Youths

vs. Beautiful World - The Kooks

Old Man: If you follow the Gang of Youths you know they have the ability to create majestic musical experiences. Whether it’s David Le’aupepe vocals or layers of complex musical production the band can create beautifully rich music. “you in everything”, though relatively stripped down, is a lovely orchestrated song that gives Le’aupepe space to eloquently reminisce. “Beautiful World” is a bit of a new sound for The Kooks. Luke Pritchard adds a little Bob Dylan slur to his renowned Brighton cadence. This is a fun tune. I have to go with the Gang of Youths on this one.

Dane: “you in everything” is a beautiful confessional. Dealing with loss is a universal experience and Gang of Youths do a great job telling their perspective on it. “Beautiful World” melancholy in the second half of the song is such a surprise after the first half’s dance beats. I must choose “you in everything” for this round.

Suhas: The Kooks’ “Beautiful World” is such a cheerful upbeat song about the world not being as bad as it seems. The Kooks get my vote.

“you in everything” moves on to the round of 32.

Teeth Marks - S.G. Goodman

vs. These Are The Days - Inhaler

Dane: Goodman has one of those voices… you either like it or you don’t. I’m immediately drawn to her brittle, folksy twang. “Teeth Marks” is a tale of unreturned love that really gets me in my feelings. “These Are The Days” makes me want to get the guys together and party! It’s a fun song. “Teeth Marks” gets my vote.

Suhas: I love songs about getting over loneliness and depression by having fun. Put my vote in for “These Are The Days.”

Old Man: S.G. Goodman has such a cool shake to her voice. “Teeth Marks” is such a controlled bleeding out. The music really captures the torment in this tune. On “These Are The Days” Inhaler goes all in on The Psychedelic Furs’ synth-rock sound. Add a pop-rock vocal arrangement and you get one of those songs that make you want to go for a drive with the windows down. My vote goes to S.G. Goodman.

“Teeth Marks” make it to the next round.


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