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OMI Song of the Year Round 1 Group 6

OMI Song of the Year 64 songs, one winner. Here are the Group 6 comments and results.

Message - PawPaw Rod


Ghosts in the Darkness - Yosh & Yimmy

Old Man: The “Message” might the coolest song in the top 64. I shared this one with a songwriter friend hoping to remind them that the business is tough on everyone. “Ghost in the Darkness” is a song that didn’t quite fit the style, production, and feel of Yosh & Yimmy’s Three Rivers album. But as a stand-alone track, is a stirring well-written song with gorgeous harmonies. My vote goes to PawPaw Rod.

Suhas: In “Ghost in the Darkness” Yosh & Yimmy’s voices sync beautifully together. The lyrics compare things that are unsaid after a breakup to a ghost in the wind. The music has a haunting melody to match. “Message” is a chill R&B/Soul song with some melancholic themes about how there aren’t any better days. I like the way the song ends, “your company saves me when solitude goes bad”. I’m going to select Yosh and Yimmy.

Dane: I really like the story in “Message.” Don’t wait for the better days, stay grounded and appreciate the ride. Love it! “Ghosts in the Darkness” is a chamber pop heartbreaker. I pick Message to advance.

PawPaw Rod rises to the round of 32.

Kind of a Nice Time – Vansire


Stick Season - Noah Kahan

Dane: “Kind of a Nice Time” starts out like a Real Estate tune and ends being a nice bedroom pop song. It seems like Noah Kahan was everywhere this year. “Stick Season” really is a time and a place for Noah Kahan. I like how personal the lyrics are. I choose “Stick Season.”

Suhas: For me “Kind of a Nice Time” ignites a feeling of wanderlust in me. It’s a relaxing song perfect for road trips to the countryside. I’m running with “Kind of a Nice Time.”

Old Man: “Kind of a Nice Time” is my introduction to Vansire. I really like this bop and will definitely check out more Vansire tunes. Kahan’s “Stick Season” is a super catchy bit of pop-folk. The lyrics stick with you on this one. “Stick Season” gets the nod from me.

“Stick Season” remains and makes it to the next round.

On My Way – Banditos


Dead Horse - Yard Act

Suhas: “Deadhorse” by Yard Act has a nice beat and some interesting political undertones to it. I really like “On My Way” and find the lyrics are so relatable. Specifically, the struggles with doubt as one is trying to reach their goals. I connect with the lyrics “what’s the difference between winning and not giving up?” I pick “On My Way.”

Dane: “On My Way” is the kind of tune that can really get you in the feels. That chorus is so reassuring. It feels like a big hug. “Dead Horse” sounds as if Cake was a UK post-punk band. No really…. They have a sound unlike many of the art-punk and post-punk acts in the UK right now. I choose “Dead Horse” to move on.

Old Man: Two of my favorite 2022 songs meet in the first round. This is very much old style versus new. “On My Way” is a seventies throwback to pop-country that features horns and distinct vocals from Mary Beth Richardson. “Dead Horse” is my favorite example of Post-Brexit New Wave. James Smith brilliantly narrates “Dead Horse” while the band channels its inner Cake. This is like picking between your children. In this instant, I select “On My Way.”

Banditos are on their way to the second round.

Don't Lose Sight – Lawrence


Runaway - Beach House

Dane: “Don’t Lose Sight” combines catchy hooks with a Wurlitzer and some old-school sounds. The horn lines are straight out of a Brasstracks song. Like most Beach House songs, “Runaway” sounds mysterious, and I have no idea what it’s about. All meanings aside, “Runaway” is a beautiful song and I pick it to move on to the next round.

Old Man: “Don’t Lose Sight” is a high-energy bit of R&B from the sibling duo Lawrence. This song really gets me pumped up! The notes hit in the chorus by Gracie Lawrence are over the top. “Runaway” is a slick synth track from Baltimore duo Beach House. In this battle of the duos, I’m going with “Don’t Lose Sight.”

Suhas: “Don’t Lose Sight” has some of the same motivational themes as “Message” and “On My Way.” “Runaway” utilizes a unique Italo-disco melody and yet is relaxing. The vocalist conveys a sense of romanticism as the lyrics wonder where their lover has gone. My vote goes to Beach House.

“Runaway” evades elimination and makes it to the top songs.


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