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OMI Songs of the Year – Our Absolute Favorites

It was a tough haul rating and ranking 64 songs. But the team was focused and here are the eight songs that we picked as our favorites for 2022.

Liquid Spells - The Great Leslie

Blogger Dane Casteel wrote “Liquid Spells” brings a party atmosphere to a song that’s all about… partying too much. Interesting juxtaposition between the song’s energy and lyrics.” Ollie Travers has a one-of-a-kind voice and he certainly has fun with this bop. We hope you’ll check out this tune and we can’t wait to see what The Great Leslie does in 2023.

Live from ufo – Origami Angel

“live from UFO” is such a change-up for punk rockers Origami Angel. It just shows talented the band is. The stripped-down “live from the UFO” shows Ryland Heagy has the ability to appeal to more listeners than just punk rock fans.” – Old Man. “I really like Ryland Heagy’s voice and enjoy the genre-bending between emo, pop, and prog in this song.” – Dane Casteel

you in everything - Gang of Youths

“If you follow the Gang of Youths you know they have the ability to create majestic musical experiences. Whether it’s David Le’aupepe vocals or layers of complex musical production the band can create beautifully rich music. “you in everything”, though relatively stripped down, is a lovely orchestrated song that gives Le’aupepe space to eloquently reminisce.” – Old Man

When We Were Kids - young friend

“Every year I get closer to 40, I spend more time trying to find the spirit that I had as a child. ‘When We Were Kids’ really is pulling on my nostalgic heartstrings. I really like this tune.” – Dane Casteel

This song is pop-indulgence (but it’s so good).

Something in the Orange - Zach Bryan

Zach Bryan isn’t the kind of big country star that you hear on the radio. But his following, streams, and concerts tell the truth. This guy is a star. “Something in Orange” is a painful tune about a lover leaving. This is a sparse track that is packed with emotion from Bryan’s vocals and a slow whaling guitar. During the summer our blogger Dane Casteel flagged Bryan’s album, American Heartache, as one of the best albums of the year (so far).

I Saw - Young Fathers

“’I Saw’ is the song I want playing when my favorite athlete walks into the arena. I wrote earlier this year that the opening bassline reminds me of the guitars in Norman Greenbaum’s ‘Spirit in the Sky.’” – Old man. There are so many elements to love about this song. These guys are on the rise!

Teeth Marks - S.G. Goodman

Not only is this a great song, but Goodman has made a fantastic album. “Goodman has one of those voices… I’m immediately drawn to her brittle, folksy twang. ‘Teeth Marks’ is a tale of unreturned love that really gets me in my feelings.” – Dane Casteel

Next to Normal – Lucius

This track and this band are just plain fun. “’Next to Normal’ gives me that disco vibe! I love the themes of being yourself and bringing your walls down. I also relate to the lyrics of “losing friends along the way, laughing at the wrong things.” – Suhas Vittal. Hard to believe that disco could make such an impression. But the production of this song (and album) is meticulous.


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