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Our 10 Favorite Albums of 2022 (So Far…)

Updated: Jan 1, 2023

We're almost at the halfway point of 2022. I asked blogger Dane Casteel to come up with his five favorite albums so far and I came up with five of my own. Find @OldManIndie on Instagram and let us know your favorite.

Father John Misty – Chloë and the Next 21st Century

Josh Tillman ditches the beard for the bandstand in his most recent effort. His Father John Misty character delivers the same quality songs and wit that we’ve grown accustomed to but delivers them in a fully orchestrated and less snarky package. It’s my favorite FJM album since” I Love You, Honeybear”. I appreciate seeing a songwriter stir the pot after finding so much success, I really like this new sound! Dane Casteel

Uncanny Valley – Coin

Nashville-based band, Coin, has created something special with Uncanny Valley. “Coin, comprised of members Chase Lawrence (lead vocals, keys), Ryan Winnen (drums), and Joe Memmel (guitar) have created the type of album that launches a band. Uncanny Valley manages to be a reflective album and at the same time, it’s packed with bops. The resulting sound fits nicely on both a rock and a pop playlist. Old Man

Zach Bryan – American Heartache

A person, playing the guitar and telling stories… To me, nothing connects quite like the singer-songwriter genre. Future cross-over sensation Zach Bryan recently delivered a 2-hour, 34 song monster of an album that sees the young star explore folk music, country music, and even some Nashville country (even if it’s a joke). I’m still digesting this album, it may or may not end up on my final list of the year, but I really think that Zach Bryan is one of the most exciting artists to emerge in the country music scene in a long time. Dane Casteel

Three Dimensions Deep – Amber Mark

“This album has little hip-hop, a little soul, a touch of Latin beats, a dash of pop, and a very evident international flavor throughout. This is a genre-blurring album. You’ll fall in love with Mark’s deep voice. Tracks to give special attention to are “What It Is,” “Softly,” and “Foreign Things.” The tune I really connected with was “Healing Hurts.” Spend a little extra time with the lyrics. This album is very much about a personal journey.” Old Man

Beach House – Once Twice Melody

The eighth full-length album from Beach House showcases the bands sprawling soundscapes sounding clearer and more focused than ever. This record has the band sounding a bit less like their shoegaze and slow-core forefathers, and more like contemporaries Toro y Moi, M83 and Washed Out. This record is a great addition to their already impressive catalog. Dane Casteel

angel in realtime – Gang of Youths

“I could listen to Gang of Youth’s lead singer Dave Le’aupepe talk or sing anything. That’s important. So much of this album is Le’aupepe narration. Gang of Youths, the Australian band now based in London, has created a terrific album. The album is beautifully produced. There are layers of sounds and richness… Ultimately, this is an album about the loss of a father. “spirit boy” was a very emotional song for me. There are so many ways to enjoy this album.”

Arcade Fire – WE

It’s fun to grow up with bands. I’ve seen a familiar creative arch with many of my favorite artists. They have their seminal work, their masterpiece, they get weird, and finally, they return to form. WW sees one of the biggest indie rock acts of all time, Arcade Fire, return to form. These songs don’t necessarily resemble anything from Funeral or Neon Bible, but easter eggs from their early work appear all over this record. The multi-part songwriting, the occasional acoustic instrumentation, and the pace of Lightning II takes me back to some of their classic burners like “Month of May” and “Keep the Car Running”. Dane Casteel

Second Nature – Lucius

“This album channels so many retro sounds. Love the disco vibe from the opening track, “Second Nature.” Part of being an old man is that songs like this remind you of acts like Denise Williams and Shalamar.” Then there is the unavoidable ABBA comparison. But before you settle in with the feeling that this is just a disco album, the second track, “Next to Normal” throws in a little funk into the verses and a distorted guitar in the bridge.” This is such a good album. Old Man

Kendrick Lamar – Mr. Morale & the Big Steppers

The undisputed king of hip-hop returns from a five-year break to declare that he is not here to save you! My favorite album of the year, so far, provides a new chapter in the Kendrick Lamar saga. This album shows Lamar painting with EVERY color in his pallet to create a masterpiece, unique from his previous works. In addition to the radio hits, cautionary tales, and coming of age stories, Lamar also touches on domestic abuse issues, non-binary and transgendered people in the African American community, and the collective trauma of Black Americans. This is not a perfect album, some of these tracks are too much to listen to casually, and it requires attention and emotional investment, but the payoff is possibly the best rap album of the new decade. Dane Casteel

The Overload – Yard Act

If I was to triangulate this album I would say somewhere between Cake, Gang of Youths, and the Post Brexit New Wave movement Yard Act has created this incredible sound. This album is an absolute bop! It’s high-energy, political, and timely. James Smith’s narrative vocals are the best of this new British genre. I can’t get enough of the tune “Dead Horse.” Old Man

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Dane Casteel
Dane Casteel
Jun 09, 2022

I gotta give that Lucius Album a listen. if it sounds like ABBA, then I’m all in!

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