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The Mix (June 2023): Bobby Alu, MEOWBOYS, and Josiah and the Bonnevilles

The Mix is a snapshot of three songs representing different genres of music that OMI would like to get on our follower's radar. Of course, if you’d like a deep dive into the music we love you can listen to our Spotify playlist New Indie Music.

Do It by Bobby Alu

Ah, the joys of the great Bobby Alu. “Do It” is a chill island track that makes every gathering better. Alu is an Australian/Samoan singer/songwriter that has a knack for creating smooth chilled island tunes. His gift is silky soulful vocals that take his music to another level. “Do It” needs to be all over you summer playlists and played all your summer gatherings.

Basic Channels by Josiah and the Bonnevilles

“Basic Channels” is a new take on an old theme. When you’re in love all you need are the simple things. At one minute and 54 seconds long, this may be the shortest song ever featured on OMI. But Josiah Leming does a terrific job of working the lyrics cleverly speeding up and slowing down to make this little ditty an earworm. Staff blogger Dane Casteel featured Leming earlier this year. We are admittedly taken by his work and really glad he continues to put out new music. Use “Basic Channels” are your gateway to a terrific singer/songwriter.

King of Acting Normal by MEOWBOYS

We learned about the MEOWBOYS by following up on an old favorite band, Motherfolk (MEOWBOYS appears to be a Motherfolk side project). “King of Acting Normal” is a bit of a rocking tune with guitar licks that bring to mind the start and stop style of Origami Angel. The vocals are a delightful grab bag of distorted mic, off mic yells, falsettos, and some terrific emotional singing post-bridge. The “King of Acting Normal” is a bit chaotic and a lot of fun. Really glad we decided to look up and see what Motherfolk has been up to. Add “King of Acting Normal” to your playlist today!


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