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The Six – Songs to Add to Your Playlist

I’ve been lost in the wonderful world of The Kooks new album and haven’t posted much lately. As I emerge here are 6 songs I’ve recently added to our New Indie Music playlist. Below are just a few sentences to describe why you’ve got to give these tunes a listen.

Check out our playlist that tracks the best new indie music over the last 6 weeks. New Indie Music

Summer in My Head - Goldpark

Fun summer bop with delightful chorus falsettos. Smooth rock with subtle keyboard and vocals that has hints of Gang of Youth in the narrative verses.

Head On – Ducks Ltd

A brilliant cover of Jesus and The Mary Chain’s hit. This isn’t karaoke. This is the Duck’s sound and arrangement through and through. You’ll walk around all day singing this one.

W.I.T.C.H. – Devon Cole

I’m a little late to this August release. This is sassy empowerment fun. Looks like this one is blowing up.

Belinda Says - Alvvays

Alvvays have a sound. It’s fuzzy, harmonic, uplifting, and reverbed. For me, this results in a song that unfolds over multiple listens. “Belinda Says” unfolds beautifully. I hear new elements every third or fourth listen.

Everybody’s Cool – Two Door Cinema Club

This just continues to make my case that the Eighties are the now sound. The verse channels the Talking Heads and the chorus is so so Eighties pop. There’s got to be a seven-minute dance version of this song released.

Sweet Symphony – Joy Oladokun & Chris Stapleton

I adore Joy Oladokun. She manages to write music that is both critical and accepting. And what a treat it is to have Chris Stapleton on this bluesy love song.


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