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Three Big Surprise Songs for 2021

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

If you listen to enough music sometimes you find pleasant surprises. Songs that seem to come out of nowhere or represent something unusual from an artist you may know and love. In 2021 these are the three songs that represented wonderful surprises for me.

Party at the End of the World – Carsie Blanton

Let’s start with the confession. I love Carisie Blanton. She can be so sweet and so edgy at the same time. I had grown used to Carsie’s clever touching songs that highlighted her lovely quirky voice. But “Party at the End of the Word” was such a great surprise. The song rocked and shared a vibe that touring artists can share and embrace. I particularly love the lyrics “Bangin drums and banging drummer” which she cleverly sneaks into the song and is smart enough to only sing once. It’s a fun song and for me one of the lovely surprises in 2021.

Hypotheticals – Lake Street Dive

I have been waiting for this band to create a song I could connect with for a few years. Lake Street Drive has shown up on my Spotify Discover Weekly Playlist for years. I like the band, but never really found songs I wanted to add to my playlist. That all changed with the “Obviously” album. Admittedly there are a few songs from this album I have added to my playlist/. But the first one, the big surprise, was “Hypotheticals.” I knew this was a great band and now I had the catchy as fuck song to prove it. This son is so cool, so groovy, and so fun. You should listen to the whole album. But if you have to pick one song pick this one. Such a pleasant surprise, “Hypotheticals” by Lake Street Dive.

Down & Out – Yosh & Yimmy

Wow. Just wow. Two guys I meet in Corpus Christi, Texas who have a habit of creating lovely harmonies hit me with a big surprise when they just hunkered down and rolled out a knee-slapping bit of grit they call “Down & Out.” This song gets you on board with the fun and you don’t really have a choice. This is a sticky as hell earworm that you will find yourself singing throughout the day. Add this surprise 2021 tune to your playlist. You will be a happier person for doing so.


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